What to Do With Old Video Games and Consoles: A Useful Guide

Have you recently updated your gaming system to the latest model? Or, are you going through boxes of old keepsakes and found an old gaming console with several games? If so, you probably have an outdated video game console and games you don’t need.

You’re probably wondering what to do with old video games and consoles you no longer need. You could toss them in the trash but that seems like a waste for something that still works well. If your old gaming consoles and games still work, they’re still useful.

There’s a surprising number of things you can do with your old video games and consoles. You can make money, make a donation, or get creative.

Are you interested in learning what to do with old video games and consoles? Check out this useful guide to keep your old video games out of the dumpster.

What to Do With Old Video Games

Working video games and video game consoles are reusable, even if you don’t think you want them anymore. Many people would love to own your used video games and though they are old to you, they would possibly be new to someone else.

Here’s how you can keep old gaming equipment out of the landfill and benefit from it, too!

  1. Sell Your Old Games

The most obvious thing to do with old video games and consoles is to sell them. You’ll give them a new home as well as make a little cash to invest in new games or your latest hobby. There are many places to sell old games and consoles like pawn shops, gaming stores, and online.

Selling your old games and consoles to secondhand gaming stores or pawnshops will get them off your hands right away. You also typically get the cash right away as well.

The downside is these stores usually buy games and equipment for less than it’s worth to make a profit. Selling your old games and consoles on your own could result in more cash.

Online is a great place to auction and sell your games. You can set a starting price, people can place bids, and the highest bid will buy your old games.

While you can make more this way, it can also take much longer. There’s also a greater risk of fraud and having to pay additional costs for shipping and handling.

Another option similar to selling is trading. Some gaming stores let you trade video games for different games or to cut the price on newer ones.

Before you sell your gaming equipment, research its worth. You don’t want to get ripped off nor do you want to set such a high price your games and console won’t sell.

  1. Make A Donation

Whether you don’t want to hassle with sales or you’re simply a good person, donating your video games is another great option. Your old video games and console can find a new home where others can have fun just like you did when your games were new.

There are many great places to donate your old video games. If you’re not sure where to go, you can search online for online donation centers. These gaming donation centers will donate games and equipment to hospitals or schools in need across the country or the world.

If you would like to keep it local, contact an area school, hospital, library, religious group, or kids program. Many places like this are looking for ways to keep children and teens busy in a fun recreational setting.

Your other options for donating include donating to a group that helps those in need or donating to a local resale shop. No matter where you donate your old video games and consoles, you’ll be helping someone in need.

  1. Upcycle Your Console

If you like rebuilding and messing around with computers, you can use your old gaming console for parts. You can use these old parts to rebuild something else or sell them. In some cases, you can make more money selling individual parts than selling the whole gaming system.

Another option is to empty your console of its old hardware and install different tech, like Raspberry Pi. You’ll be able to play more modern games from a cool retro console.

  1. Make it a Media Player

Is your gaming console too new to consider retro? If it has the capabilities to play Blu-Rays and DVDs, why invest in a separate Blu-Ray player. Newer versions of the X-Box and Playstation 4 let you access TV apps without the use of Chromecast or the Amazon Firestick.

  1. Recycle Your Old Games & Console

Are you wondering what to do with old video games and consoles that don’t work? You can scrap them or recycle them.

Don’t toss your old video games and consoles in the trash. The reason you need to recycle your old gaming equipment is it contains hazardous materials. These materials are dangerous to the environment and can potentially harm others.

Rather than poison Mother Nature, recycle your old gaming equipment at a nearby electronics store. Many large-scale and small electronics businesses are willing to accept and recycle your old gaming equipment for free.

  1. Be Cool and Keep It

Have you noticed how popular vintage games and gaming consoles are becoming? Why not get ahead of the curve and hold onto those old games and console. It may take a few years, or decades before it becomes vintage but it may be worth the wait later on.

If you have kids of your own or nieces and nephews, they’ll think you’re the coolest family member with your old school games. Make it a collection and gift it to family or sell it for more later on.

What Are You Going to Do With Your Games?

If you’ve been wondering what to do with old video games and consoles, hopefully, this guide can help. Many people would love to play with your old video games, some of whom are happy to pay.

Keep your old gaming equipment out of the landfill and re-home it to someone new!

Want to learn more about the latest games or what to do with your old ones? Check out our latest gaming articles to stay up-to-date on the latest gaming news and trends.

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