What is A Course In Miracles?

A Course In Miracles can mean something different to each person but have you ever considered that you are a miracle? So lets talk about you by looking at your thumb. You’ll notice a couple of things. First, your thumb stands out from your fingers. In other words, it is outstanding – just like you are meant to be. Now, look at your thumbprint – in all of history and into the future it is the only one like it. You are unique, precious and a miracle . . .

What do you consider the miracles in your life? When you narrowly avoid a car accident? When you get to the post office just in time? The birth of your children? ThumbPeople, Inc.’s character, Thumbuddy, reminds us that it is not just the fortunate things that happen in our lives that are miracles, but that we ourselves are miracles.

“The first definition of the word miracle is an amazing or wondrous occurrence.  The second definition is a marvelous event manifesting a supernatural act of God,” explains Thumbuddy creator and ThumbPeople founder Mark Arens.  “The fact that you are one-of-a-kind surely qualifies you as a miracle.”

Thumbuddy’s mission is to help parents express love to their children while developing a foundation of self worth that leads to self respect. He is a friend, a teacher and a guide for children. He teaches kids (and adults!) through his own experiences that they are a precious, one-of-a-kind miracle who has been blessed by God with many gifts in many ways, and that they can make their unique imprint in life. Thumbuddy shows us that it is not necessarily just what happens in our life that constitutes a miracle, but how we live our lifein fact, the very fact that we are alive is a miracle.

Thumbuddy’s lessons are based on Christian Biblical principles that are timeless and have no geographical or cultural boundaries. He spreads the message that God loves us, we are made in God’s image, and our neighbors are made in God’s image. He encourages us to use our God-given talents and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

“These principles will apply a thousand years from now, and they apply to absolutely everyone,” Mark says. “Our products are based on Christian principles but they apply to everyone. God made every child in America and in the world as special and lovable miracles – each with their own unique thumbprint and talents.”

Mark spent several years in seminary and has always felt he was being called by God to share His message. Mark created the character of Thumbuddy, who is based on our own thumbs (with both our thumbs and our thumbprints being what makes us unique in the animal kingdom and among each other), as a way to relate God’s truths to parents and children alike.

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