Digital Or Analog Surveillance iTop Screen Recorder

A smart iTop Screen Recorder system uses both digital and analog recordings. This way, top surveillance professionals can make sure that they have everything covered with a back-up system to boot. But would digital and analog mean to you?

Going Digital or Analog?

If you remember your favorite Digital Video Recorder or DVR recording device that you used to control your TV viewing. You’ll be able to imagine the convenience it can give you when you’re prospecting for a surveillance video recording system.

DVR devices have left the analog recording system behind because consumers prefer its multi-functionality and control features, yet there are still those satisfied with the performance of analog recorders. However, using the combined features of the two for a surveillance video recording system has yielded far better results.

A DVR device provides the following functions: management, storage, and reviewing of extensive recorded files with ease and efficiency. The problem lies in the speed when recording multiple cameras simultaneously, and the likelihood of the system to crash.

In contrast, the video cassette recorder or the analog is considered a more dependable mechanical or electrical system. The system won’t “crash” or risk the stored information.

The use of the two operating systems for a surveillance video recording structure assures the security of the recorded images or audio. It is like having a back-up system for each system. The two combined gives an explosive performance. But if you are thinking of installing the system into your PC’s hard disk drive, you will be going digital.

A PC-based Surveillance Video Recording System

Home and small business surveillance security rely on a more modest surveillance set-up. A surveillance system is quite pricey. But consumers are willing to invest in a system as long as it responds to their different and unique security needs.

Using a PC-based video recording system for surveillance purposes can do away with added expense. You do not have to buy an entire DVR system, you will just need a camera, monitor, and a digital video recorder. You can use your personal computer, and with a DVR software and a PC video capture card, you can have your very own surveillance recording system.

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