UCDM – Practical Forgiveness

Students of A Course in Miracles (UCDM) will eventually begin to understand that forgiveness is the key principle to be learned and applied to our daily lives. It is the way we undo the guilt in the ego mind thus correcting the mind which is also known as forgiveness. While the Course provides the theory, it is not a Course solely on ideas. It is the practical application with which the Course is most concerned. Application leads to experience.

Why the Course is concerned with practical application of forgiveness is very straightforward when we look at the dictionary definitions. Remember, these are what we’ve all agreed to in the ego world so the Course chose these word symbols very carefully as their meaning in the mind is the experience (effect) you are asking to have (give to yourself). In this article, we’re going to discuss practical forgiveness and what it is asking for in experience when applied to our daily lives.

Practical: Concerned with the actual doing rather than theory or idea.
Application: The action of putting something into operation.

Learning forgiveness is through the practical application of the ideas and theories. You learn through experience. Do it everyday. Do it even on the small things. Train your mind in forgiveness so that it becomes a mind habit. That way, when a larger thing comes up, which is nothing more than something you deem to be different (a choice), you are more apt to go straight to the forgiveness process because the habit in the mind goes towards what you let it do the most.

Correctable Mistakes

Correction of the mind as forgiveness is a change that rectifies any error or inaccuracy in the mind. By definition, errors are “mistakes” and mistakes are “correctable errors.” Therefore, anything in the mind that is not accurate or true is a correctable mistake. Accept that idea, and you can see the way to correct any mistake in the mind once you become practical and start applying forgiveness.

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