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Best Acim Podcast Website: While this world is being run by the ego’s Laws of Chaos, a set of “Truth” laws contain your identity within the mind and hold Truth to be all that is real. The mind can be corrected (forgiveness) back to Truth simply because the separation never happened. Truth is God. God is Love. Love is Knowledge. Knowledge is Heaven. Heaven is Oneness. They all mean the same. Sameness is oneness and so these are The Laws of Oneness.

Salvation, or atonement, is correction of mind to what is real and true; and, it is the result of seeing judgment as being the error and choosing in favor of Truth. The ego is very afraid of The Laws of Oneness because of the sameness which is death to the ego. Rule #1 of the ego (from The Laws of Chaos) is that the truth is different for everyone so there is something to choose between. Love is Truth and cannot choose where there is no difference.

The mind where The Laws of Oneness “rule” returns all to love and puts an end to the chaos of choosing between different truths. With no opposites, no beginning and no end, having these laws rule means death to the “tiny mad idea” from A Course in Miracles (ACIM) and no more separation. Unlike the Laws of Chaos, the Laws of Oneness all say the same thing. They just break down the “One Truth” into categories for easier understanding.

Law of God:

Truth: (a) is always the same; (b) cannot be altered or changed; (c) is eternal; and, (d) cannot be unrecognized. Hidden is still recognized when you look or see in the right place or with the right perception. Truth applies to everything God created and only what He created is real. This is where ACIM says there is no opposite, no beginning and no end. It merely “is.” Truth is Knowledge (unchangeable).

Law of Love:

As Truth is the Law of God, this is the love of God for Himself and all His creations (you) because of the Law of Creation. This is self-protection at its very best.

In ACIM, your cooperation is required for this law. Quite simply, that means you need to choose love instead of judgment. You cannot be separate from, nor unlike, God and so choosing love is choosing for yourself. Choosing for yourself (love) keeps love (you) protected within the love of God.

Love (Truth) does not recognize the ego, or judgment, since they are unreal. No defense is needed against the unreal. This is why the Right Mind is defenseless in ACIM.

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