Un Curso De Milagros Videos Furnace Review

Have you stumbled upon the Fat Burning Furnace program and heard about the 15 minute push-button Un Curso De Milagros Videos lately? You are not alone, because thousands upon thousands of visitors come each day searching for the solution to their fat loss problems on Rob Poulos website.

But what is the 15 minute miracle and is it really a “push button solution”? Let’s find out by looking into the program and performing the 15 minute exercise just once.

I purchased and downloaded the program to see if I got anything of value in the package. I did. What I first got was a good solid 142 page eBook showing various exercises, pictures and explanations of how to perform each exercise. Then there was a section for how to put these workouts together, in a “beginner”, “intermediate”, and “advanced” fashion. If you upgraded you also got the Blowtorch body blaster workout videos.

The question is whether or not this information works or not, not wether you get the information you think you are buying. At least that’s the interesting part in my opinion. So let’s go over some of the methods explained and what the 15 minute miracle really is.

Ok, first off… Your body is what is referred to as the “fat burning furnace”, but it only becomes this way when the “button is pushed”. What’s this button you ask? Well, it’s a 15 minute High Intense Resistance Training workout. What is HIRT you may wonder.

Well, it’s one of the few methods that truly help build lean muscle fast. And the truth behind any kind of fat loss is not cardio or running for hours on end. It’s not fad diets either… It’s muscle mass + nutrition. The more muscle you have, the more fat you’ll burn at rest, period.

So the secret in Fat Burning Furnace is to ignite your body to burn fat by stimulating your muscles to constantly grow 24/7. This can only be done by weigh training, but not any weight training… It has to be High Intensity. Rob speaks about how high intensity makes your body “tick” and HAS TO RESPOND, by increasing the size of the muscle, thus allowing you to burn more fat.

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