Spiritual Movies Cinema Secrets

Spiritual Movies: There are two things you can do to transform Every movie you watch into an opportunity for spiritual growth and learning. What are they?

Before revealing the secrets of turning simple cinema into spiritual cinema you might want to examine your movie watching tendencies. What are your favorite movies? Do you prefer romance, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, westerns, etc.?

While these movie watching secrets can be applied to any movie, it is important to remember that what you put into your mind helps to shape your reality and view of the world. With that in mind, why not choose movies that will motivate and inspire you?

Though a steady diet of horror or crime films might excite you, they might also leave you with a view of the world that is less than stellar. A negative outlook on life will not help you in your interactions with others or in your quest for achieving what you truly desire in life.

On the other hand, watching motivational and inspirational movies can help spur you to improve your own life and the lives of others. So, the next time you go to watch a movie, why not make it a film that will uplift or inspire you – or at the least bring you some joy?

Your choice of movie will make applying the following secrets easier to implement. (Remember, though they can work with any movie).


What is the first secret to turning any movie you watch into a spiritual experience?

It is simple but powerful. Before the movie begins close your eyes and ask your mind or subconscious to pick out and remember any aspects of the film that you can use and apply in your own life to make your life better. It is that simple.

While you’re watching the movie, remember anything that impresses you deeply. Then, immediately after the movie is over, write down the scenes, situations, or lessons that come to you as being important in your life. Don’t judge them initially just jot them down then go over them later.


Next, review the movie highlights that you have jotted down. The second secret is to actively apply the lessons in your own life. In other words, take something from the movie and use it to improve your life – or the lives of others.

As an example, I recently watched the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? A motivational movie about the power you have to create your own reality. There was one part of the movie, though, that really demonstrated the power of intention.

Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto did a very interesting experiment on the power of intention and the written word to affect the molecular structure of water. Photographs of the structure of the water were examined before and after certain events. The molecules was brighter, whiter, healthier, purer looking after a blessing by a monk, and also after words were taped to bottles of distilled water – words like “love” and “thank you.” (It should be noted that when the words were negative in nature the molecules turned a dingy yellow.)

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