Is Aloe Vera Really A Course In Miracles?

I am not much of a believer in modern medical science “A Course In Miracles“. Every time I go to a doctor, I seem to have some so-called professional telling me what I already happen to know, then billing me an astronomical sum for what amounts to regurgitated advice. Thanks to the onset of the information age, becoming your own best primary care physician has become easier than ever. I am not saying that you should not go to a specialist if you feel a bump where one should not be or if you coughing up blood, but I think a well informed person can utilize the computer to help diagnose and treat minor medical conditions.

I love finding useful sites that give out sound advice about the topic of personal health and welfare. There are many useful sites out there in cyberspace, and also a ton of e-books available that contain information your doctor would probably never want to tell you. One of the books that I recently discovered is called ‘Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor’.

I have always known that Aloe Vera was a good plant to keep around in case you got burned in the kitchen. I also knew that it was a pretty hardy plant that almost anyone could care for and seemed readily available in any plant and garden center. What I did not know was how many uses this wonderful little plant has besides treating burns.

‘Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor’ opened my eyes to the important role that Aloe Vera has played in the health history of humankind. Ancient Sumerian text mentions it, as does Roman Literature, the famed Egyptian queen Cleopatra was even said to use it as a beauty aid. Over the ages many benefits of Aloe have been discovered and Yulia Berry lists over 130 of them in her easy to read e-book. She covers over 80 disorders that Aloe Vera can help in as well as unlocks more than 25 beauty secrets including the famous “Cleopatra anti wrinkle cream”.

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