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Buy Sketchup Pro 2021 Price: When most people think about Google Sketchup, the free 3D modeling software, they believe it’s a tool to create things in 3D space. While it’s true, that’s what it is, but that’s not what it does.

Let me explain. The best part about Sketchup is how easy it is to use. Most people start modeling without much training whatsoever, and begin to create complex models within very little time. The greatest potential with Sketchup is it’s ability to allow you to analyze the relationships between models you create.

Interior Design
For example, let’s say you want to buy a new piece of furniture for your house, but you’re not quite sure how it will fit in the room with the existing furniture. Using Sketchup, you could create the room and search the 3D warehouse for furniture that matches what you currently have. If you can’t find it, you can model the furniture as well.

Now that you have your room and it’s furniture “digitized”. You can move things around in Sketchup to see how they fit together. It sure beats having to physically move furniture around all day, right? This allows you to accurately check dimensions and clearances.

Using the photo match tool in Sketchup, you can also take a photo of the room and import it into Sketchup. Using the various alignment handles you can then tweak the perspective view of your model to match the perspective of the picture. It then essentially overlays your model over the picture, creating an excellent visualization image of the space.

Solar Analysis
With solar energy becoming a hot topic in the world today, one important thing to know when considering installing a solar panel system on your home is whether you get enough sunlight to make it worthwhile.

Sketchup has the ability to cast shadows on your model. What makes this so powerful as a solar analysis tool is that the shadows are calculate. Base off of the “location” of your model, the time, month, day, and year.

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