AFL All-Stars Night?

Why not an All-Star type set up? I’m not talking about an AFL All-Star game or the old state of origin, our game is just too tough and physical for a friendly game between teammates with too much of a risk for injury.

I think some All-Star challenges would be something different to consider.

Here’s a few ideas that I think would get fans and players interested.

– Get the biggest cannons in the game for a longest kick out comp.

– A “HORSE” style game involving shots at goal

– A timed skills challenge that involves weaving through obstacles and hitting different handball and kicking targets along the way

– A timed team event comprising of a current AFL player, women’s league player and a retired AFL player shooting at goal from different parts of the ground, with the next player not allowed to shoot from their area before the previous player has scored a goal.

How good would it be watching Steve Johnson, Cyril Rioli, Eddie Betts and Gary Ablett going head to head showing off their skills around goal?

Or Shannon Hurn, Trent Mckenzie and Dustin Fletcher unloading barrels from full back.

What about Gary Ablett, Scott Pendlebury and Sam Mitchell going against each other in the skills challenge?

I would love to see a 100m sprint as well but I just cant see that one happening.

Surely it’s worth a try? Who knows what it could turn into. Maybe even incorporate the E.J Whitten legends game into it.

Play it at the Etihad stadium to ensure perfect conditions. The AFL could even bring out specially designed All-Star Guernseys for the players to wear and no doubt fans to buy. The possibilities are endless.

Get the fans involved and put the selection of competitors in their hands with a voting system maybe coupled with coaches votes playing a part.

Put up awards for the winners. If the AFL and the superstars get behind it all of a sudden the awards and title of the “most skilled player” in the game would become pretty prestigious.

They could even incorporate some musical acts and make it a real event on The AFL calendar.

If it is done right I have no doubt it would be a success.

What do you think? What else could incorporated into a format like this?

Would you be interested in watching? Let us know leave a comment or get around us on Twitter or Facebook.

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