9 Days Tours From Fes – Exquisite Fes Hideaway

9 Days Tours From Fes: Riad Dar Dmana is a lovely and elegantly refined Moroccan family house in the heart of the medina. It is an authentic home, which has been completely restored by skilled craftsmen keeping to the traditional architectural style of Fes. Guests are delighted by the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere, along with the friendly owners and staff.


As in many of the traditional historic homes of Fes, a central courtyard with a gorgeous and refreshing fountain is the heart of the house. Beautiful mosaics (zellige), carved plasterwork, and genuine stained glass windows come together to compliment the exquisite beauty of the home.

The overall ambience is further enjoyed in its tea room, which boasts 2 fireplaces.

Also to be experienced at Riad Dar Dmana is mint tea on the terrace, a scrub in the hammam (traditional Moroccan bath), and of course, the splendidly decorated rooms and suites. With pleasant touches all over the house, it will be hard to choose where to spend time.


Riad Dar Dmana accommodates guests in eight rooms, three of which are suites. All of the rooms are decorated in the traditional Moroccan style of historic homes in Fes. They also have the comfort touches of private bath, satellite TV, air-conditioning, heater and telephone.
Here is an overview of the rooms:

Suite Radia: king size bed, Moroccan lounge, bathroom

Suite Safae: king size bed, Moroccan lounge, bathroom with Jacuzzi

Suite Ghita: king size bed, Moroccan lounge, bathroom with Jacuzzi

Suite Rkia: room with Jacuzzi

Chambre Hebri: twin bedded room with bathroom

Chambre Zalagh: bedroom with bathroom

Chambre Tghat: twin bedded room with bathroom

Chambre Zerhoune: twin bedded room

(see the website to view pictures of the unique styles of each room)


In addition to the beautiful rooms and salons, Riad Dar Dmana offers two restaurants faring refined Moroccan cuisine. The “Patio Andalous” can accommodate 60 guests, and the “Jnane Terrace” can serve up to 40 guests. Whether it is to enjoy mint tea on the terrace, or to experience the art of the Moroccan kitchen over a candlelit dinner, Dar Dmana is the place to be.


Riad Dar Dmana accommodates guests on both an individual and a group basis. Some go to enjoy a lovely hide-away in the mysterious medina, while others book the whole riad for anything from family gatherings, to reunions to business meetings.


Riad Dar Dmana is located in an exclusively residential area of distinguished local families. It is near to a guarded parking lot, which makes it very accessible, while still tucked in the medina. It is also near to Batha, which is one of the main hubs of activity in the old medina of Fes Morocco Private Tours.

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