Win at 파워볼사이트

Many different theories came out about how to win one of the most played lotteries in the whole country, but only a few have been proven effective. 파워볼사이트, dubbed ‘America’s Game,’ first got introduced in 1992 and from that point on, millions of people tried their luck in getting the huge jackpot prize. Although it is easy to play, winning the game is not that simple. To win the jackpot, the chances are about 1 in 120 million. The official website lists all the prizes and possible winning combinations for those who are looking for information. What the site doesn’t list are the few proven strategies on how to win at Powerball. The following strategies will not be an assurance of a win but it will lead you closer to the prize:

One noted strategy to win at Powerball is to study the history of the previous winning numbers. This sounds like a hard thing to do but it’s actually the contrary. Powerball, although a game of chance, is also a game based on statistics. Look at the winning number combinations and notice the pattern. The rarity of a number/winning combination is also a big thing to note when looking through these numbers. It has been noted before that it’s very rare to have all 5 even or 5 odd number in one draw.

The idea is to choose a combination of even and odd numbers. It’s also a good choice to combine high number with low ones. This way, the game is evenly played. Mixing the numbers up will give a better chance in getting the winning combination — and a unique one so as to not share the jackpot or winning prize if ever to other people. It is also not advised to choose 5 consecutive numbers.

Again, all throughout this game’s history, there had never come a time where there were 5 consecutive numbers drawn. Even the most favorite combination of 1-2-3-4-5 also doesn’t come up on the winnings. Another thing to note is that common patterns do not work as well. Patterns include multiples of 5 or 10. Although it’s a famous strategy for picking numbers, the previous winning combinations do not show a likelihood of that happening. It is also said that a person has 70% chance of winning the jackpot if the 5 numbers chosen will add up to 110 to 190. Based on the history of winning numbers, the sum of each one is within that range.

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